How does this exactly work?

We create a massive list of thousands of people into fitness and ask them what their fitness goals and desires are. Separately, we create a separate list of fitness professionals and find out what areas they specialize in. We then segment the list and do some match-making.

For instance, we have 10,000 people who like Tabata workouts and we have 100 fitness instructors who teach Tabata. Each day we will pick one Tabata instructor to create a workout and we'll send that to our Tabata list. Every single day, this group of Tabata fitness fans will receive a free Tabata workout from a different instructor.

The match-making continues and this process is repeated for every style and niche of fitness so that everyone on our list gets a free workout in their email every single day, catered to their likes and fitness goals.

Why do you ask me questions about my demographics?

We ask you some basic questions about age, gender, and fitness preferences initially after signup so we can send you tailored workouts to your goals. As our list gets bigger we will continue to segment so that the workouts you receive become even more specific to your profile.

What will you do with my personal information?

We only use the information you provide to seek out the right personal trainers and fitness instructors based on the demographics of our sign ups. Your information will never ever be sold or shared.

Will the fitness professionals get my email address?

We do not share your email address with anyone including the personal trainers and fitness instructors we work with. Fitness professional will provide workouts that we send to our lists. Fitness professionals will not get any personal information from people who sign up.

Why would personal trainers and fitness instructors do this for free?

Fitness professionals are in the business to help people. This is an easy way to do that. In addition, they get great exposure for their time. In every email you will get to read a quick bio about the instructor who created the workout and their website and social profile to find out more about them and their services.

How is the site able to provide this service for free?

We haven't quite figured that out yet. We have to pay for things like email services, web hosting, server and technical services. Some ideas are making this donation based or letting fitness professionals advertise their services and coupons at the end of each email for a fee. We'll let you know as time goes by. Our goal is complete transparency.

Who's behind this site?

We keep using the word "we" but it's really just one person for now. Read more here.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

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