Fitness Professionals Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this exactly work?

We've signed up thousands of people who are into fitness and asked them some basic demographic questions and their fitness goals. We've also recruited hundreds of personal trainers and fitness coaches and asked them what their specialties are. We then segment our lists and do some match-making.

Let's say we have 10,000 people on our list who are into functional fitness and we have 100 fitness pros who specialize in functional fitness. We then get each of our fitness pros to create a workout for our email list. We stagger those workouts so that each day we send a new workout to our list.

So when it's your day to be featured, your workout will be sent to thousands of people along with your bio, website and social media links.

The match-making continues and this process is repeated for every style and niche of fitness so that everyone on our list gets a free workout in their email every single day, catered to their likes and fitness goals.

How do I apply?

Scroll down below to find the sign up form.

Why should I do this for free?

It's an easy way to help thousands of people by sharing your expertise. It's a fantastic way to get your name and bio in front of thousands of people for a minimal time investment.
Being profiled on here provides additional credibility as we do have a screening system to find the best fitness professionals. We do not take everyone who applies.

How much of a time committment is this?

I've designed the process to take approximately 30 minutes to put together a custom workout and submit for review.

Will I get your email list so I can market my services?

We do not share our email list. Because of our segmentation, we do ensure that your workout is shown to thousands of people that are looking for exactly what you specialize in. At the end of the daily email you get to share your name, a bit about yourself and basic contact information so that people can seek you out for additional services and training.

Can I create multiple workouts and be featured multiple days?

Once we feature a personal trainer or fitness instructor, we will wait to get feedback from our audience. If our audience replies favorably to the first workout will do our best to get that person back into the rotation for a second workout, and possibly more.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

Click here to shoot us any questions you have.

Fitness Professional Sign up form

Thanks for applying! Your answers and online presence will be reviewed as soon as possible. If selected, we'll send you via email a questionnaire template and directions on requirements, as well as how to format your workout for submission.

In the meantime, follow us on Instagram. We look forward to working with you!